Pizza Fun For Everyone

Pizza may have Italian roots, but it’s truly all-American fun! Here are some family-friendly meal, entertainment, party, gift and even gardening ideas for you to try.

Family Pizza Night

Who doesn’t want pizza once a week? It’s easy to make it happen.

  • Schedule It – Put it on the weekly calendar and shop for everyone’s favorite toppings.
  • Make Your Own – Everyone can roll or shape their individual crusts and top them just the way they like it. Click here for Basic Regular Crust, Thin Crust or Thick Crust recipes.
  • Half & Half – Make a large family-size pizza – half for adults and half for kids. Try Chicken & Spinach Alfredo for adults and Barbecue Chicken Pizza for kids.
  • Healthier Option – Making your pizza at home allows you to be a bit healthier as well! Pick turkey pepperoni, load it with veggies and make it with a whole wheat crust.
  • Theme It – Pick a different theme for each week. Incorporate simple table decorations, trivia, games or movies to go with the theme.

Outdoor Grilling

Add summer flavor to your pizza all year round. Start by grilling individual crusts. Then, add everyone’s favorite topping and finish grilling. Click here for our Grilled Pizza recipe.

Party Time

Add fun to any party with pizza!

  • Birthday or Kids' Cooking Party – Kids love to cook, and it’s great entertainment. Give them each an apron to wear, which they can take home after the party. Each child can measure an ingredient for the crust. Mix and divide dough for individual pizzas. Everyone gets to knead, roll, pat or shape their crusts and choose toppings. Don’t forget to take pictures! Our Cheeseburger in Pizzadise is perfect for kids.
  • Appetizer or Dessert Party – Pizza can be savory or sweet. You choose. Ask your guests to help you make a variety when they arrive. Try Spinach & Feta Pizza or Cherry Streusel Pizza to get you started.
  • Block Party or Cook-Out – Bring out the grill! Have everyone bring their favorite pizza topping and try our Grilled Pizza or make BLT Grilled Pizza for the crowd.
  • Girls' Night or Guys' Night – This is time for adults-only flavors. Serve Mighty Meat Pizza for the men and Mango Chutney Chicken Pizza for the women. Add a salad and dessert to complete the meal.


Since everyone likes pizza, give it away.

  • Pizza-Making Gift Basket – Include envelopes of Pizza Crust Yeast, sauce, pizza cutter or pizza stone and your favorite recipe. Give as a hostess gift or to teachers and friends.
  • Dinner for a Friend or Neighbor – Prepare the dough so it’s ready to shape, or shape it and place it in a pizza pan. Include toppings and baking instructions. Take along a salad for a complete meal.

Pizza Garden

The freshest pizza starts with not only a fresh crust but quality toppings.

  • Plant and Grow – Try tomatoes, herbs (basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme), green onions, spinach. Every year plant something new.
  • Kids Can Help – Let the younger ones plant, water and pick from the garden. Then they’ll want to try the produce, too!
  • Try our Pizza Margarita recipe.